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Canine Massage Therapy & Acupressure

If your furry BFF is showing signs of increased stiffness, slowing down on walks, experiencing gait change or decrease in daily activities interest, your dog may be stressed or in pain and in need of a massage.

Clinical canine massage is a complimentary therapeutic treatment that is used to help support and resolve muscular dysfunction within your dog’s body that may be having a detrimental effect upon their mobility, behavior and overall quality of life. Canine Acupressure and massage uses skilled application and manipulation of muscles, tendons, fascia, joints and connective tissue, incorporating traditional massage techniques along with direct and indirect myofascial release protocols to support healing and movement.

Canine massage therapists are animal health professionals (Dorothy Cline aka Vet Tech Groomer Girl, is a Licensed Vet Nurse/Tech and Groomer) who use their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, acupressure and massage techniques to improve an animal’s physical well-being and aide in healing and often the post-operative recuperation process.

Canine massage and acupressure can be applied to any dog, whether young and active or senior and coping with long-term medical conditions such as arthritis or post-operative healing. The treatment will work to relieve muscular and connective tissue restrictions, spasms and contracture, decrease inflammation, increase joint flexibility and hydration, promote healing and provide some drug free pain relief thus aiding sleep, promoting relaxation and improving energy and mood.

If your dog is showing any of the following signs, please consider contacting Vet Tech Groomer Girl.


-excessive licking or biting of forelimbs for no apparent reason

-Decrease In energy

-Twitches of the skin along the back, legs and ribcage

-Sudden dislike of being groomed or touched

-Difficulty going up and down stairs

-Change in gait

-Difficulty squatting when going potty

-Change in mood or lack of interest in normal playtime activities or toys

-Unusual aggression or antisocial behavior


Published by Dorothy Cline

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