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Magical Eggshell Tea Therapy For Your Plants

Don’t even think about throwing away your eggshells! Sometimes, you just need to let Humpty-Dumpty crumble and fertilize your garden! Eggshells are chock full of trace elements of calcium and potassium. Specifically, the shell of the egg has 0.3% phosphorus, magnesium, and traces of sodium, potassium, zinc, manganese, iron, and copper. They do not provide all the nutrients your plant needs; however, they are an EGGcellent supplement to your regular fertilizing regime.

Crushed Eggshells For Plants Is Hard To Beat!

Why Use Eggshell Water?

As a much better organic alternative to traditional fertilizers, you could make your own eggshell water (tea) and mix it right into the soil. This organic approach is quick and will deliver rich benefits for both plants and animals living in the microbiome as well.

  • Environmentally friendly source of mineral fertilizer for plants
  • Allows you to compost material from the kitchen.
  • Saves you the cost of fertilizer and prevents chemical burns attributed to using inorganic fertilizer .

How Does It Work?

The Jeff Gillman Experiment

Dr. Jeff Gillman, a researcher and horticulture professor at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC, and of The Truth About Garden Remedies uprooted the truth on a few of the many garden myth remedies. He boiled an eggshell in a few cups of distilled water just for kicks to see what would happen. After boiling, the shell remained in the water for twenty-four hours. Afterward, he sent the eggshell water to be tested in a lab. The scientific results were crazy! Three elements that increased in low concentrations were sodium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Two other elements also increased with higher readings: Four mg of calcium and potassium content! You may be saying to yourself right now, “Big woop! Four mg is a very small quantity“, but consider that fact that this amount comes out of just one eggshell. Boiling ten eggs will increase your plant’s concentration in all five of these elements!

One of the most efficient ways to get these trace elements into your soil is with eggshells. There are two methods to extract their EGGcentric goodness: whole, which you can put directly on top of the soil (if you don’t share your garden with Bears and Raccoons because they love eggs!); or finely crushed in a tea for a more compostable effect. Basically, boiling eggshells in hot water is a great way to steep out the potassium, calcium, and nutrients from the shell in a soluble form directly into the water. This eggshell tea can work as a nice calcium-potassium shot for your plants, and these minerals can also help raise the soil pH slightly. This soil pH is essential for plants that grow in alkaline conditions since their ability to absorb calcium does not depend on how high (or low) its pH level may be.

Calcium is the most important mineral in a plant’s root development. It strengthens stems and leaves while providing structural support cell walls, it acts as immunity towards disease, it wards off dehydration, and it optimizes your precious plant’s growth potential! A plant’s ability to withstand water loss, and environmental elements such as heat, cold, and frost is dependent upon the mineral potassium. There is even evidence that it can help your plants grow faster and with higher yields.

The Eggs-quisite Recipe

So next time you are making a delish Frittata, dry the empty eggshells. The more eggs, the richer your tea will be. Boil a gallon of water. Rainwater would be my water of choice because it contains a more soluble form of calcium (calcium carbonate) and is saturated with carbon dioxide. Calcium carbonate is actually a crystalline form of calcium that Mother Nature has designed so beautifully. This nurturing, Motherly calcium egg layer is delicate yet strong enough to protect the growing embryo inside. Rainwater harvesting is of great importance and global relevance as it directly impacts the climate crisis as our world experiences drier and longer droughts, depletion of groundwater, and freshwater pollution from saltwater flooding. 

Here’s a cute little link on harvesting rainwater,

But I digress…

Now back to my little egg story! Next, use a mortar and pestle to crush up the dry eggshells. Put the eggshells in the boiling water. Let the concoction sit for twenty-four hours. Since water makes up approximately 85% of a plant’s weight, both bottom and top watering will help carry essential nutrients and minerals from the soil to the cells, making the plant healthier, stronger, and more resilient. In comparison, bottom watering plants keeps the soil evenly moist so that the entire root structure gets watered; however, top watering encourages the presence of fungus and gnats while the water can be channeled out of the soil, not being able to reach the entire root structure. Combining both methods together will eliminate these problems. Make sure to trowel and mulch the eggshell remnants deep down into the soil for maximum efficacy.

Speaking of mulching, here are three other kitchen hacks to help condition your soil:

  1. Banana peel Water–  Promotes a healthy bacteria population within the soil and adds the macronutrient, potassium which strengthens the plant.
  2. Rice water– (no salt or spices added to water) Used as an Insecticide and promotes a healthy bacteria population in the soil.
  3. Pasta and/or Potato Water– (no salt or spices added to water) Used as an Insecticide, provides starch, promotes a healthy plant growth

Happy Gardening and have an eggs-tra special day!

What’s an egg’s favorite type of coffee?

An eggspresso!


Ode to Amore


LOVE. The L Word. We obsess about it. Sing about it. Scribe about it. Fantasize about. Ache for it. Go to war over it. Dream about it. Loose sleep worrying about it. When we don’t realize that we have it, we idly search for it. When we finally discover it, we don’t know what to do with it. When we have it, we constantly fear losing it. It is a constant source of pleasure and pain. An endless ebb and flow of intense, cleansing emotions.

Photo by Katie Salerno on

It is a short word.

It is a passionate word.

Photo by Shamia Casiano on

It is an orgasmic word.

It is a compassionate word.

It is a heartbreaking word.

It is a healing word.

It is a peaceful word.

It is a powerful word.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on

Easy to spell, yet a little bit of a “drama-queen” of a word!

All I know is that the spaces between our fingers were created so that another could fill them in.

So, the word LOVE may be difficult to define, BUT it is IMPOSSIBLE to live without.

Photo by Min An on


- Jimi Hendrix

Attraversiamo. Let’s Cross Over!

If you have been feeling a little ‘blue’ over the past few weeks, it’s no wonder as the height of darkness will soon be upon us come December 21st. Yes! Winter IS COMING!

The Winter Solstice (‘solstice’ is Latin for “sun standing still”) and it magically happens at the same time for every creature on Earth. It represents the exact moment when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted at its furthest point away from the sun. It is a time for “rebirth” and is spiritually significant.

This marks a very special day for all ancient traditions and one where we should take a moment, hit the pause button, and catch our breath. Deep cleansing breaths as we all, collectively, shed our 2022 spiritual skin and embrace the winged transformation into 2023. A transformation that is sure to bring profound healing, abundance, and endless possibilities. The Winter Solstice acknowledges a passage of time through seasons and also a profound passage of time through ourselves. It is a moment of contrast – the shortest day, the longest evening – that can serve as a vessel for deeper examination and understanding of our own inner contrasts and journeys. Contrasts such as dark and light, shadow and sunlight.

The Winter Solstice, sometimes celebrated as ‘Yule’ in Pagan and Wiccan traditions, marks the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Even though it’s one of the oldest holiday celebrations, the communal rituals around it have remained the same: Spend time with your family, observe and honor the seasonal changes in Nature, and reflect upon what life events have taken place in 2022. Imagine the Winter Solstice as an opportunity to rejuvenate, pray, reset, meditate, hibernate, set personal goals, practice forgiveness, and breathe in a ‘New Year-New You’ frame of mind.

Ancient civilizations in the UK and abroad have marked the solstices as culturally significant events throughout history. For example, these ancient traditions are routinely resurrected and celebrated at Stonehenge during the solstice, when visitors from all over the world trek to the monument to mark the shortest day. Despite being built thousands of years ago, Stonehenge was designed to align with the point of the sunset on the Winter Solstice.

We should take a cue from Mother Nature and the natural world, and respect that darkness, night, and shadow play a critical role in the biological rhythm of our planet and our ecology. Many plants and animals, ecosystems, and organisms depend upon the nighttime for rest, growth, and reproduction. Unfortunately, many of us Humans have lost the connection to this primal and symbiotic relationship with the darkness and the shadow. We have fallen out of balance more often than not because we forget that without one, the other could not exist. We try to “lighten things up”, deny the darkness, or eliminate the shadow. At times we find ways to bypass or distract ourselves from it, and this denial most likely accounts for a lot of the problems such as inhumanity and DIS-ease that we see in the world. We have lost connection to “the whole” and denied “the sacred balance”.

Personally, I want to spend more time outside at night with a blanket of stars and the moon above me. No traffic lights. No car headlamps. No city lights. My desire to connect with shadow is not only psychological, but spiritual as well. I want to deepen and lean into the areas of my life that are perhaps “uncomfortable” because they are a part of me. My shadows make me appreciate my light. Through the respect and understanding of this darkness, my beauty and gifts are transformative and illuminating.


Give your-SELF time to process the past year and all that we have been through. Pandemic. Isolation. Tears. Smiles. Hardships. Success. Love. Heartbreak. Birth. Death. Pain. Passion. Hasn’t it been an adventure! Each path on this journey we call LIFE (bad or good) has landed us exactly where we are supposed to BE. Right here. Right now.

Celebrate the Winter Solstice and internal illumination with me as we prepare for a remarkable 2023!

Mindfully Yours,

(*) Italian. verb. ‘To cross over’

Mindful Paws The Ugly Truth About RAWHIDE!

The Ugly Truth About RAWHIDE!

How can one of the most popular chew sticks on the planet be so dangerous for your pets?

As a Vet Tech, I have personally triaged dogs and assisted on many emergency surgeries from dogs consuming rawhide; either choking on it or developing dangerous bowel obstructions. Just check the product label. It ACTUALLY warns that these exact incidences can happen. Another major concern (besides intestinal blockage, pain, bloat, choking, and death!) is where these rawhide chews are made.

So, let’s start with what the heck rawhide really is. The name ‘rawhide’ is technically incorrect. A more accurate name would be ‘processed-hide’, as the hide (skin) isn’t raw at all.

Rawhide is not dehydrated meat or a by-product of the beef industry. Rawhide is actually the by-product of the “Leather Industry”, so theoretically it is a leather chew. Rawhide chews are made from the leather industry’s leftovers. Most hides are taken directly from the kill floors at slaughterhouses and placed into high-salt brines, which helps slow their decay (Insert gag reflex here!).

“Producing rawhide begins with the splitting of an animal hide, usually from cattle. The top layer (grain) is generally tanned and made into leather products, while the inner layer, in its “raw” state, goes to the dogs.” ( )

The following is a paraphrased tutorial by The Whole Dog Journal from a few years ago. It explains in scary detail just how this toxic leather is processed and how it ends up in cute little enticing shapes and marketed directly to unassuming pet parents who innocently believe that rawhide is a dried “meat stick” and will release stress and reward our fury BFF’s with hours of fun. Wrong!

STEP 1: Normally, cattle hides are shipped from slaughterhouses to tanneries for processing. These hides are then soaked in brine and treated with a chemical bath to help “preserve” the product during transport and to help prevent spoilage. Keep in mind, that some of these hides are shipping from China and other countries which means more chemicals as brine alone does not preserve.

Once at the tannery: the hides are soaked again and treated with either an ash-lye solution or a highly toxic recipe of sodium sulfide liming. This process will help strip the hair and fat (yuck!) that may be attached to the hides themselves. These hides are then treated with more chemicals that help “puff” the hide, making it easier to split into layers.

The outer layer of the hide is used for goods like car seats, clothing, shoes, handbags, luggage, etc. But, it’s the inner layer, (along with gelatin and glue!) that is needed to make the rawhide.

STEP 2: Now that we have the inner layer of the hide, it’s time to go to the post-tannery stage! Hides are washed and whitened using a solution of hydrogen peroxide, bleach (and even harsher chemical whiteners). These chemicals will also help mask the smell of rotten leather. Yummm! 😡🤮

STEP 3: Now it’s time to make these whitened sheets of “leathery by-product” look delicious! This is where the creative artistic process comes in.

“Basted, smoked, and tinted (painted) products can be made literally any color (or shape and scent) underneath the coating made of yet more dyes and preservatives. They can even be painted with a coating of titanium oxide (what???!!!) to make them appear whiter and aesthetically pleasing from a merchandising perspective.”

“…the Material Safety Data Sheet reveals a toxic confection containing the carcinogen FD&C Red 40, along with preservatives like sodium benzoate. But tracking the effects of chemical exposure is nearly impossible when it’s a matter of slow, low-dose poisoning.”– (

STEP 4:  Because the FDA does not consider these chews to be “food”, it’s an open market when it comes to the manufacturers. You see, with no restrictions on these leather strips (since they are not considered consumable food by the FDA), they are free to add basically anything to these chewies, to ensure that they last forever. Any type of glue may be added to get them to hold together and last forever. WHEN TESTED: Lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium salts, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals have been detected in rawhide chews.

Rawhide chews start out hard, but as your dog works the chew it becomes softer, and eventually, he can unknot the knots on each end and the chew takes on the consistency of a slimy piece of taffy or bubble gum. And by that time your dog cannot stop working it — it becomes almost addictive.

Some Healthy Alternatives to Rawhide that can be found in your local pet supply stores:

Antlers. Deer and elk antlers are fantastic treats for your pet.

Sweet Potato Chews. Sweet potatoes are the ultimate light snack for your pup and are good for digestion. HOWEVER very high in carbs. So moderate.

Frozen Carrots. Frozen carrots are natural treats that most dogs love.

Greenies Dental 🦷Bones

Bully Stix

Better Bellies 


Make Your Life a Safe Haven Where Only Compatible People are Welcomed

Let go the people who are not prepared to love you. This is the hardest thing you will have to do in your life and it will also be the most important thing. Stop having hard conversations with people who don’t want change.

Stop showing up for people who have no interest in your presence. I know your instinct is to do everything to earn the appreciation of those around you, but it’s a boost that steals your time, energy, mental and physical health.

When you begin to fight for a life with joy, interest and commitment, not everyone will be ready to follow you in this place. This doesn’t mean you need to change what you are, it means you should let go of the people who aren’t ready to accompany you.

If you are excluded, insulted, forgotten or ignored by the people you give your time to, you don’t do yourself a favor by continuing to offer your energy and your life. The truth is that you are not for everyone and not everyone is for you.

That’s what makes it so special when you meet people who reciprocate love. You will know how precious you are.
The more time you spend trying to make yourself loved by someone who is unable to, the more time you waste depriving yourself of the possibility of this connection to someone else.

There are billions of people on this planet and many of them will meet with you at your level of interest and commitment.

The more you stay involved with people who use you as a pillow, a background option or a therapist for emotional healing, the longer you stay away from the community you want.

Maybe if you stop showing up, you won’t be wanted. Maybe if you stop trying, the relationship will end. Maybe if you stop texting your phone will stay dark for weeks. That doesn’t mean you ruined the relationship, it means the only thing holding it back was the energy that only you gave to keep it. This is not love, it’s attachment. It’s wanting to give a chance to those who don’t deserve it. You deserve so much, there are people who should not be in your life.
The most valuable thing you have in your life is your time and energy, and both are limited. When you give your time and energy, it will define your existence.

When you realize this, you begin to understand why you are so anxious when you spend time with people, in activities, places or situations that don’t suit you and shouldn’t be around you, your energy is stolen.

You will begin to realize that the most important thing you can do for yourself and for everyone around you is to protect your energy more fiercely than anything else. Make your life a safe haven, in which only ′′compatible′′ people are allowed.

You are not responsible for saving anyone. You are not responsible for convincing them to improve. It’s not your work to exist for people and give your life to them! If you feel bad, if you feel compelled, you will be the root of all your problems, fearing that they will not return the favours you have granted. It’s your only obligation to realize that you are the love of your destiny and accept the love you deserve.

Decide that you deserve true friendship, commitment, true and complete love with healthy and prosperous people. Then wait and see how much everything begins to change. Don’t waste time with people who are not worth it. Change will give you the love, the esteem, happiness and the protection you deserve.
~ Brianna Wiest ~

Photo: Art by Maartje van Dokkum

Archaeology for the Woman’s Soul