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The message here is: stop before you chop! If you live in an area that experiences storms with winds that may fell trees, take a moment to check for wildlife within by checking knot-holes, hollows, and cavities in downed trees for wildlife, before cutting them up. These owlets were lucky!

Dorothy Cline

PO Box 24 Fawnskin, CA 92333 Cell (661) 839-9559 RESUME EXPERIENCE: PETCO Big Bear Lake, CA:Grooming Salon Manager, Certified Pet Groomer BEAR CITY ANIMAL HOSPITAL: Veterinary Technician/Assistant EAST VALLEY SHELTER INTERVENTION:Volunteer Counselor, Animal Adoption Events Coordinator HOLLYWOOD MOBILE PET GROOMING: Office Manager, Groomer, PR & Marketing Director ALL CREATURES VET HOSPITAL/WE CARE VETS: HospitalContinue reading “Dorothy Cline”

Magical Eggshell Tea Therapy For Your Plants

Don’t even think about throwing away your eggshells! Sometimes, you just need to let Humpty-Dumpty crumble and fertilize your garden! Eggshells are chock full of trace elements of calcium and potassium. Specifically, the shell of the egg has 0.3% phosphorus, magnesium, and traces of sodium, potassium, zinc, manganese, iron, and copper. They do not provideContinue reading “Magical Eggshell Tea Therapy For Your Plants”

Attraversiamo. Let’s Cross Over!

If you have been feeling a little ‘blue’ over the past few weeks, it’s no wonder as the height of darkness will soon be upon us come December 21st. Yes! Winter IS COMING! The Winter Solstice (‘solstice’ is Latin for “sun standing still”) and it magically happens at the same time for every creature onContinue reading “Attraversiamo. Let’s Cross Over!”